Planning for Retail Development - A critical view of the British experience
 By Clifford Guy

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I am writing to inform you of my exciting new book, Planning for Retail Development, available now from Taylor and Francis.

Offering the first thorough critical review of retail planning policy in Britain, this text explains key events and debates in the evolution of retail planning policy, at central and local government levels, since the 1960s. Contrasts are drawn between the 1980s, a period in which retail developers were encouraged by central government to expand away from town centres, and the more recent emphasis on protection and promotion of town centres as the most appropriate location for new development. These changes in policy and guidance are evaluated here in relation to wider societal concerns, including sustainable development, social inclusion and urban regeneration.

By analysing retailers' and shoppers' objectives and behaviour, Planning for Retail Development exposes conflicts amongst the goals and assumptions on which planning policies have been based. Showing that the resulting unclear and complex policies cannot be applied effectively or consistently and arguing for local authorities to be allowed to devise their own policies, objectives and solutions; this timely text provides a framework for future policy development and evaluation.

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Clifford Guy

Book Cover

October 2006

HB: 978-0-415-35453-0

304pp 234mm x 156mm


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